Andy Taylor is a guitarist based in Bristol, UK. He plays baritone guitar in live silent film accompaniment band Minima, surfs with The Rumble-O’s, and is also working on his first solo recording long-player. Other current projects include performing in Portishead Guitarist Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra, and the Fantasy Orchestra.

In 2006 whilst in Gaiman, Patagonia (recording MC Mabon’s “Jones Williams” album), Andy met UK producer Greg Haver. This led to session work with Manic Street Preacher Nicky Wire’s solo band, the Secret Society. A tour followed, along with further collaborative/session work.

Recent commissions include work with Producer David TickleMelanie C and installation artist Luke Jerram.
Other recording projects and live appearances include…
Echoic Audio
Mercedes/Echoic Audio
Peter Aristone
Katie Thompson
Cymbient (A band member from 2002 to 2008, composing, performing and mixing 2 albums “The Drive Home” (2005,Surk) and “Out on the Waves” (2007,Surk), also contributing to “I Saw Energy” (2013,Folkwit)
The Afternoons (Contributing Guitars and artwork to album “Fan Fiction” (2013) and single releases since 2009).
Jay Leighton
Louise Latham
plus contributions to UK TV, Film and Bollywood movie scores.

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